The King Cod


About The Captain . . .


Capt. Joe "KING COD" Tangel, is a US Coast Guard licensed 100 Ton Master. He has held his captains License for the last 25 years....

"I grew up fishing Moriches Bay. I had my first boat at age twelve, a 16ft Grumman aluminum, with a 28HP Johnson Special! My father would trailer me out to the Forge River launch ramp, and let me go "have at it" for the day.  The adventures, and the experiences I had, were priceless! I learned every inch of the bay, and put countless Fluke, Flounder, & Striped Bass in the cooler.

Since that day, I have never been without a boat, and have sailed thousands of trips through Moriches Inlet. I earned my captains license at age 18, later upgrading it to a 100 ton masters.

I've met many great people along the way, including having a chance to fish with, and learn from, the the late, great, Capt Ron Schlueter. Wrecks, and Codfish were always high on the list of things to to talk about with Capt. Ron! In the days before we had GPS on the boat, we made some incredible catches of Cod, & Seabass, finding and fishing wrecks, that were not common knowledge, 20 - 25 years ago. Today, I still eat, breathe, and sleep wreck fishing, always looking for that next big catch!

From Bucktailing the shallow flats of Moriches Bay, for Doormat Fluke, to Deep Water Wreck Fishing, for Giant Seabass & Cod....                                                             


You get 100% effort, and unmatched experience,  when you fish with the KING COD ! ! !


 Capt. Joe, with a 7 lb. Black Seabass